Developing More Reliable Designs with Tensar+ Software

Date: oktober 05, 2023

Tensar+ A Better Way to Build

When it comes to designing civil engineering and infrastructure projects, you understand the importance of having easy access to accurate data and reliable design tools. That's why we want to introduce you to Tensar+, a free, cloud-based software that will transform the way you approach project designs.

Tensar+ is a powerful tool that allows you to design with geogrids in a variety of infrastructure applications including unpaved and paved roads, soil stabilisation, working platforms, rail sub-ballast stabilisation, and much more. With Tensar+, you'll have the ability to ensure that the performance criteria are met, obtain the best design for your budget, and meet the project’s resiliency goals. The benefits of using this web-based software are simply too great to ignore.

What sets Tensar+ apart is its implementation of rigorous full-scale testing, which has been validated by third-party experts. It provides performance-based specification generation that incorporates the benefits of Tensar geogrids into industry-accepted design methodologies for your specific project. Also, with just a few clicks, you can easily calculate time, cost, and carbon emissions savings, as well as other sustainability metrics. Lastly, you can compare side-by-side geogrid designs against designs using conventional methods and calculate the total added value generated by using Tensar geogrids.

Charlemont Square Development - Consultant’s use of Tensar+ for piling platform keeps cost down

At Tensar, we are passionate about the success of our customers.Take for example this project profile. Here, a piling platform was needed for this mixed-use 7-storey block, part of Charlemont Square, a high-end development in a prestigious central quarter of Dublin. 

The designer used Tensar+ software and a mechanically stabilised layer solution, to drastically reduce the working platform thickness, thereby saving cost and reducing truck deliveries in a busy area. By using Tensar+, this ultimately helped to achieve:

•    A 50% thickness reduction in the working platform, saving €5,000 in material costs
•    60 fewer truck deliveries into a busy city centre location
•    A estimated 40% C02 reduction due to reduced aggregate volumes

Read all about the Charlemont Square Development in the Project Profile here.


Plate Load Test on the mechanically stabilised layer incorporating Tensar InterAx geogrid at Charlemont Square Development

Start Designing with Tensar Today

Give Tensar+ software a try and see how it can transform your next project. Make sure to check out the video below which introduces Tensar+ and enables you to get the most out of the software with a short tutorial video to walk you through the basics.

Also, Tensar also offers personalised software training to anyone who wants to take advantage of its full potential. It's easy to set up a virtual or in-person session. Simply connect with us to get started!