B6357 Saughtree Station

Borders, Scotland

As part of the 2018 major upgrade project covering 6 different sites, Scottish Borders Council used over 27,000m² of Tensar’s innovative asphalt interlayer product, AX5-GN which covered nearly 9.5km of their rural network.


  • Increased operational life by up to 3 times as a result of a high performing asphalt interlayers.
  • Reduce road materials, installation time and cost compared to a traditional pavement upgrade.
Client's Challenge

Due to a limited budget, a full depth pavement reinstatement was not possible on the B6357 which runs close to the Scottish and English border near Gretna Green, so the client looked to use latest geosynthetic technologies to offer a structural solution to their failing carriageway.

Tensar Solution

Tensar AX5-GN is a structural composite interlayer consisting of a polypropylene stiff monolithic paving grid with integral junctions bonded to a polypropylene non-woven paving fabric. The paving hexagonal grid is orientated in three directions such that the resulting ribs have a high degree of molecular orientation which continues through the area of the integral node. The stiff high-profile ribs create a mechanical bond with the asphalt overlay, therefore performing the structural reinforcement function of the asphalt interlayer. The paving fabric component functions initially as an installation aid and once saturated with bitumen, provides the functions of a stress relief system and interlayer barrier.