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Triton® Gabions and Triton® Gabion Mats

Triton® Gabions offer a durable, non-corrosive and installation-friendly alternative to conventional steel wire gabions, including galvanized and PVC-coated gabions. Constructed with Tensar® Geogrid, Triton® Gabion Mats are available in prefabricated units or in standard roll form.Triton Gabions and Gabion Mats are specified for use where there is high potential for corrosion, including:

  • Salt water environments
  • De-icing salt/chemical runoff
  • Acidic environments in mining operations

In addition to their corrosion resistance, the lightweight gabion and mat materials are ideal for use at remote locations, where site access is a significant challenge.

Triton Gabion Mats are used for:

  • Channel linings, ditches and spillways
  • Scour aprons
  • Shoreline protection
  • Canal and stream bank protection

Mat dimensions can be customized to limit waste and increase installation efficiency, while the grid aperture can be reduced to accommodate smaller stone fill, decreasing mat thickness. Lighter weight than metallic mats, Triton Gabion Mats are easier and less costly to transport, handle and install.

Triton Gabion Mats can also serve as a lighter version of a marine mattress. Ideal for light-to-moderate conditions or applications, they can be used as:

  • Scour mats/substrate for artificial reefs,
    oyster beds, etc
  • Armoring on steep slopes
  • Foundation filtration or drainage for boat ramps, pipelines, low energy breakwaters and structures

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