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Triton®Grid Composite System

Grid composites provide an improved foundation and filtration layer for a wide range of conventional construction alternatives such as riprap, rubble-mound structures and similar installations. Designed for use beneath riprap and armor stone, the Triton® Grid Composite System combines durable Tensar® Geogrid with geotextiles. While geotextiles offer separation and filtration at the subgrade interface, Tensar Geogrid enhances performance by:

  • Reducing settlement by distributing loads over a wider area
  • Securing the geotextile firmly against the subgrade to mitigate scour
  • Providing a protective “cushion” for the geotextile during and after installation

The Triton Grid Composite System is used in a number of applications including revetments, channel linings, spillways, stream banks, scour protection, groins, jetties and breakwaters. It’s particularly effective for improving performance and constructability in difficult conditions including:

  • Underwater construction
  • Construction over soft subgrade soils
  • Construction on steep slopes
  • Jetty sand tightening

The Triton Grid Composite System improves service life and performance, reducing long-term costs of maintenance, repair and replacement. However, it can also save installation costs by eliminating more expensive alternatives such as graded aggregate filters, excessively thick sections, overexcavation of soft subgrades or regrading of steep slopes.

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