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Triton® Marine Cells

Triton® Marine Cells are used to construct high-strength, composite earth fills in adverse conditions including confined, structural-quality fills built below the water level or with weak fill materials (a geotextile liner placed within the cells enables the use of fine-grained fill materials).

Applications include:

  • Bulkheads (new construction or rehabilitation)
  • Cores for breakwaters, groins, jetties and dikes
  • Foundations for embankments or mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) slopes or walls
  • Containment dikes for dredge spoils or other waste materials

Secured by Tensar® Geogrid, Triton Marine Cells’ features include:

  • Durability - Made of non-corrosive materials
  • Installation speed - Faster filling than gabions
  • Aesthetics – Stone veneer option
  • Design/Installation flexibility - Ability to construct structural embankments with marginal fill or in submerged conditions

As a three-dimensional foundation mat, Triton Marine Cells improve constructability, stability, bearing capacity and distribution of pressure. Their ability to fill rapidly and reduce dewatering requirements can shorten construction timetables and increase productivity.

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