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Vegetated Reinforced Soil Slopes

For centuries, soil bioengineering techniques have been used to protect and restore sensitive watersheds. This technology sustains vegetated systems that provide erosion control and other benefits, including:

  • Improved water and air quality
  • Support for terrestrial, riparian and aquatic habitats
  • Stormwater management
  • Aesthetic site enhancement

Soil bioengineering has the capacity to reach new heights with the construction of Vegetated Reinforced Soil Slopes (VRSS) on highly steepened sites. Fully engineered, these ecologically and structurally sound installations provide secure, cost-effective and environmentally responsible solutions on river, stream, waterfront, upland slope and flood control sites. While protecting these sites, VRSS installations also support healthy, vegetated, maintenance-free environments.

TensarTech NaturalGreen and TensarTech GreenSlope are systems available from Tensar International Limited that use proven Tensar geogrids together with the latest Tensar rolled erosion control products to provide erosion control where steepened slopes are called for.

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